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Guangzhou West Tower – Will This Be China’s Tallest Twin Towers?

Posted by Jae on April 28, 2010

An Artist Rendering

Guangzhou West Tower (simplified Chinese: 广州国际金融中心; traditional Chinese: 廣州國際金融中心) is a 103 story, 440 m tall supertall skyscraper (the Sears Tower now officially the Willis Tower is 442 m) under construction (topped out in December 31st, 2008) at Guangzhou, China.

When “open-for-business” the building and its twin will become one of the tallest buildings in the world.  They will be used as a conference center, a hotel and offices. Floors 1 to 66 are planned to be used as offices, floors 67 to 68 are for mechanical equipment, floors 69 to 98 as a hotel, and in floors 99 – 100 there will be an observation deck. In the future, an East Tower will be built next to this building. It is not clear what the design of the East Tower will be. Will it be a twin?


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