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1 World Trade Center – the Future Tallest Skyscraper in New York City

Posted by Jae on June 23, 2009

1 World Trade Center

1 World Trade Center

1 World Trade Center, formerly known as the Freedom Tower, is the main building of the new World Trade Center under construction in Lower Manhattan in New York City, USA.  The tower is suppose to be 417 m to the roof of the building (about the same height as the former World Trade Center Twin Towers) and 541.3 m tall to the tip.

1 World Trade Center’s program includes office space, an observation deck, world-class restaurants, parking, and broadcast and antenna facilities, all supported by both above and below-ground mechanical infrastructure for the building and its adjacent public spaces. Below-ground tenant parking and storage, shopping and access to the PATH and subway trains and the World Financial Center are also provided.

A 24 m public lobby topped by a series of mechanical floors form a 61 m building base. 69 tenant floors rise above the base to 341 m elevation. Mechanical floors, two floors to be occupied by the Metropolitan Television Alliance, restaurants and observation decks culminate in an observation deck and glass parapet that mark 415 m and 417 m respectively — the heights of the original Twin Towers. A shrouded antenna structure supported by cables rises to a total height of 541 m (1776 ft), which is symbolic of the year the United States Declaration of Independence was signed (July 4, 1776).  The World Trade Center’s South Tower had an outdoor rooftop observation deck at 420 m and another indoor observation deck at 399 m. 1 World Trade Center’s indoor observation deck, at a height of 386 m, will not be as high as either of the observation decks destroyed in the South Tower.

The following is a breakdown of floors as noted by

  • 1-19 – tower base (including 80 ft (24 m) tall lobby and 3 mechanical floors)
  • 20-63 – offices
  • 64 – skylobby
  • 65-88 – offices
  • 89-99 – mechanical floors
  • 100-102 – observation deck and other public facilities to be announced
  • 103-108 – mechanical floors

Note that these official designations may not correspond to actual floor levels (in particular at the base).

The building is projected to be ready for occupancy at some point in 2013.  If it will take the title from the Sears Tower as the tallest skyscraper in the Americas will depend on the official height of the skyscraper.


7 Responses to “1 World Trade Center – the Future Tallest Skyscraper in New York City”

  1. macromedia said


  2. Canuck Man said

    I’m so damn confused and the reason why is in one paragraph it’s stated in this article including Wikepedia that observation decks culminate in an observation deck and glass parapet that mark 415m & 417m respectively-the heights of the original Twin Towers while in another paragraph 1 World Trade Center’s indoor observation deck will be at a height of 386m thus not as high as either observation decks of the former South Tower. So which is it?Will the observation deck be at the undesirable level of 386m or more desirable level of 415 or 417m? If anyone has information especially if it’s positive information than feel free to reply. By the way & trust me I’ve nothing against the Empire State Building but if 1 World Trade Center’s observation deck is below the size of Empire State Building than I ain’t satisfied all because the Twin Towers including former South Tower’s rooftop observation deck is taller than Empire State Building.Finally if there’s nothing satisfactory or truly satisfactory about 1 World Trade Center than how the hell can I truly enjoy a possible visit to New York City again ? I don’t want that part of NYC to be boring.

  3. Canuck Man said

    Although it’s a bit off topic but in case if anyone is curious, should we get a chance to visit NYC again I want to visit 1 World Trade Center( at least if the observation deck is at a satisfactory level),some other things I like to do in New York is visit the amusement park section of Toys ‘R’ US( my younger nephews could especially enjoy it since by 2013 ( if 1 WTC is complete and we visit NYC) they are are to respectively be 5 & 6 years old and to visit some Albanian community center in the city where I might get well acquainted with some Albanian(s) or Albanian-American(s) and discover that I can relate to him or her or them. The reason is that even though I’m not Albanian at all it’s just that I felt bad for what many of them endured years ago,can’t provide details because I don’t want them to relive painful memories and how can I forget that NYC is supposed to have a large Albanian community.Just some of the important things to do in NYC.

  4. Jae said

    I believe the lower number…the public observation deck will be at 386 m. The 415 and 417 m comment is just the height of the glass parapet from the base.

    • Canuck Man said

      That you Jae for replying to at least my first comment,in fact,since discovering in another article that 386 metres is 1266 feet and since discovering that Empire State Building’s roof is said to be situated at a height of 1250feet that ought to therefore mean that 1 World Trade Center’s observation deck is above Empire State Building’s rooftop and therefore what I’m contemplating or pondering is that maybe it ain’t so unsatisfactory after all.Always remember that the building engineers should show defiance to those 9/11 scumbags.(You readers must know who I’m refering to.)

  5. […]… […]

  6. jeffrey said

    wow.. wonderful

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