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Federation Tower – the Future Tallest Skyscraper in Europe

Posted by Jae on June 18, 2009

Federation Tower

Federation Tower

The Federation Tower (Russian: Башня «Федерация») is a skyscraper currently under construction as part of the Moscow International Business Center in Moscow, Russia. When completed in 2010 (or maybe even later, initially it was suppose to be done by 2009), it will become the tallest building in Europe. The complex will be two towers connected to one another via a high-rise bridge.  The East Tower is designed to have 93 floors and the tip is suppose to reach about 506 m (roof height of about 360 m.)  The West Tower is designed to be 62 floors and 242 m tall.  The spire (which is slated to be the longest spire in the world) will have a 360° view out its elevators (the world’s highest glass elevators) which will move as quickly as 18 m/s.


6 Responses to “Federation Tower – the Future Tallest Skyscraper in Europe”

  1. The best information i have found exactly here. Keep going Thank you

  2. Great idea, thanks for this tip!

  3. rkurzweil said

    When is it set to be finished? Will the economic problems of Russia affect the building being completed?

    • Jae said

      Finish date got pushed back a year but it is supposedly still “under construction” and not placed “on-hold.”

  4. hank said

    God bless Russia

  5. basyc3l3m3nt97 said

    This building seems a bit dull in comparison with Russia Tower:))

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