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Chicago Spire – the Future Tallest Skyscraper in the Western Hemisphere

Posted by Jae on June 8, 2009

Chicago Spire

Chicago Spire

The Chicago Spire is a proposed supertall skyscraper in Chicago. Construction work began in 2007 but was put on hold in 2008 (due to USA’s mortgage crisis) before any of the above ground structure had been built.  When completed, at 610 m and with 150 floors, it will be among the world’s tallest buildings and freestanding structures (tallest free standing structure in the Western Hemisphere.) The skyscraper is being constructed along Chicago’s lake front west of Navy Pier, located northeast of Chicago’s Loop, in the Streeterville neighborhood of the Near North Side community area.

For the design of the building, the structure is like an imaginary smoke spiral coming from a campfire near the Chicago River lit by Native Americans indigenous to the area.

Standing at 609.6 m (2000 ft), the Chicago Spire will further transform the always-changing Chicago skyline. Plans for the tower include 1,193 condominiums with each of the building’s 150 stories rotating 2.4 degrees from the one below for a total 360 degree rotation. In February 2008, prices for the condominiums were announced as ranging from $750,000 to $40 million USD. Similar to the Sears Tower and John Hancock Center skydecks, the Chicago Spire will house a community room at the top floor offering residents a view of four states. Currently this full-residential skyscraper is scheduled to be completed by 2012 (although it has been placed on hold indefinately which most likely means that it will never be completed.)


2 Responses to “Chicago Spire – the Future Tallest Skyscraper in the Western Hemisphere”

  1. rkurzweil said

    I thought this project was dead and that the original designer is suing the builders. Is that not the case?

  2. Jae said

    It probably is… officially it is placed “on-hold” indeefinately… sad.

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