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One Atlantic Center – Once the Tallest in the Southeast US

Posted by Jae on February 25, 2009

One Atlantic Center

One Atlantic Center

One Atlantic Center, also known as the IBM Tower, is a 250 m, 50 floor, 3rd tallest in Atlanta skyscraper located in Midtown Atlanta.  It was completed in 1987 and remained the tallest building in Atlanta until 1992, when it was surpassed by the Bank of America Plaza, which was also built in Midtown. It was also the tallest building in the southeastern U.S. at the time of completion, surpassing the Wachovia Financial Center in Miami.

The building’s exterior consists of Spanish pink granite with a copper pyramidal top and gold peak.  The design includes gothic flourishes, most noticeably below the copper top of the building. At night the peak and ridges along the top are illuminated brightly, creating a glowing effect.

It was joined in 2001 by the much shorter Atlantic Center Plaza building, which bears similar postmodern design and was constructed across the street as the second phase of the Atlantic Center development. Atlantic Center Plaza’s design and architecture are so similar, it has affectionately become known in Atlanta as the “Mini Me” building, named after the comical dwarfish clone of Dr. Evil in the Austin Powers movies.


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