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Shenzhen Skyline (深圳市) – Impressive New Comer

Posted by Jae on February 17, 2009



Shenzhen was a tiny fishing village on the northern border of Hong Kong in 1970 but is now a buzzing metropolis of over eight million people! Shenzhen is home to the Shenzhen Stock Exchange (southern mainland China’s major financial center), the third busiest port in China (behind Hong Kong and Shanghai), and one of the few cities of the world that is experiencing an annual double figure percentage increase in its city economy!  Shenzhen is home to China’s most successful high-tech companies such as: Huawei, Tencent, ZTE, Hon Hai Group (which makes the bulk of Apple’s iPods and iPhones), and Wal-Mart China.  Overall, Shenzhen was ranked as the 54th greatest city on earth!

Shenzhen’s vertical growth began in 1979, at a time when the tallest building in the city was five stories tall. In the next decade, 300 high-rises were erected in the city, including the International Foreign Trade Center, the city’s first skyscraper taller than 150 m and also the tallest building in mainland China upon its opening in 1985. In a ten year span between 1996 and 2006, 18 buildings taller than 200 m were completed.

Most of the city’s vertical growth occurred in the Luohu and Futian districts, where most of the city’s skyscrapers are now located. Shenzhen’s skyscraper boom since 1979 is attributed to the city’s status as one of the fastest growing cities in the world. Although the city has only 347 completed high-rise buildings there are 23 buildings over 200 m tall (that’s more than Chicago)! The tallest building in Shenzhen is currently the Shun Hing Square, which stands at 384 m.

The tallest development currently under construction in Shenzhen is the 439 m Kingkey Finance Tower. Other tall projects in the city include the proposed Pingan International Finance Centre, which could become the city’s first building and China’s first building to break the 500 m mark (if it is finished before the Shanghai Tower in Shanghai.) Shenzhen’s highrise building boom shows no signs of slowing down, as shown by numerous proposals for skyscrapers taller than 150 m.  Look out Hong Kong and Shanghai, China’s number 3 is booming!


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