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US Bank Tower – Tallest Skyscraper with a Helipad on the Roof

Posted by Jae on January 27, 2009

US Bank Tower (Los Angeles)

US Bank Tower (Los Angeles)

The US Bank Tower, formerly the Library Tower and First Interstate World Center, is a 1990 completed, 350 million US dollar, 73 floor, 310 m skyscraper located in Los Angeles, USA. It is the tallest North American skyscraper west of the Mississippi River, the tallest building in California, and the tallest building in the world with a helipad on the roof (this is required by the city building code). Until the construction of Taipei 101, it was also the tallest building in a major active seismic region; its structure was designed to resist an earthquake of 8.3 on the Richter scale.

The tower has a large glass “crown” at its top that is illuminated at night. The crown is lighted with red and green during the Christmas holiday season. It is lit with purple and gold when the Los Angeles Lakers are playing in the NBA Playoffs and blue and white on Opening Day for the Los Angeles Dodgers. The crown was also lit with red, white and blue during the July 4 holidays, but that practice ended in 2003.


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