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Dubai Skyline – Fastest Growing Skyline

Posted by Jae on January 25, 2009

Dubai Skyline

Dubai Skyline

Dubai, with over 2 million residents in the metro area, is the greatest city of the United Arab Emirates. Contrary to popular belief, real estate and tourism is its big money maker (over oil).  Dubai is home to the world’s largest man-made harbor, 2nd largest man-made marina, tallest hotel, and tallest skyscraper in the world. Although Dubai has much splendor and a growing economy, I would not recommend anyone to move to this city due to its harsh economic laws (but visiting the city should be on everyone’s to-do list.)  Overall, Dubai was ranked as the 27th greatest city in the world!

Dubai, seemingly out of nowhere, emerges a city in the middle of a desert. Already home of the world’s tallest all-hotel building (Burj Al Arab), and the 2nd tallest all-residential building in the world (future tallest all-residential building, the 618 m Pentominium, is currently under construction), and currently is building the world’s tallest structure the 818 m Burj Dubai. It has 41 buildings that stand taller than 180 m. The tallest completed building in Dubai is the 68-storey Almas Tower, which rises 363 m. The skyscrapers of Dubai are, for the most part, clustered in two different locations. The land along Sheikh Zayed Road was the first to develop, followed by the Dubai Marina neighborhood. Dubai currently has 390 completed highrises, but that number will increase greatly in the near future. With 313 highrises currently under construction, and 445 approved highrises, Dubai’s skyline is rapidly growing. In addition, Dubai is expected to be the site of more buildings with 100 floors or more than any other city in the world by 2015 (taking that title from Chicago.) The largest and most famous construction project currently taking place in Dubai is the Burj Dubai, which began construction in 2004. It has surpassed the height of the 509 m Taipei 101, the current tallest building in the world, in July 2007. (However, as only completed structures are measured as “buildings”, Burj Dubai will not officially gain the title of tallest building in the world until its completion in 2009.) It became the tallest free-standing structure on land in the world in September 2007, surpassing the 553 m CN Tower. In April 2008, Burj Dubai became the tallest man-made structure in the world, surpassing the 629 m KVLY-TV mast in Blanchard, North Dakota, United States. On May 19, 2008 it surpassed the height of the now-destroyed Warsaw radio mast in Konstantynów, Gąbin, Poland, becoming the tallest man-made structure in history at 646 m. The proposed Nakheel Tower is another extremely tall development planned for construction in Dubai. It is set to rise at least 1,400 m height, thus would surpass the Burj Dubai to become the tallest structure in the world if constructed. Although there is a lot of hype around the city, experts agree it still lacks that certain mature socio-cultural infrastructure and a pattern to the skyline that gives a city that certain fingerprint. As a skyline it can’t compete with the top 5 skylines of the world (Hong Kong, New York City, Shanghai, Chicago, and Singapore), however the individual buildings in this city are by far the greatest examples of modern architectural accomplishments. Dubai is making a great effort to join the Big 4 club to create the Big 5! All 28 structures in this city over 200 m tall were built in 1999 or later – that’s how new this city is!

Burj Dubai Under Construction

Burj Dubai Under Construction


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