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Bank of America Plaza (Dallas) – “Jolly Green Giant”

Posted by Jae on January 23, 2009

Bank of America Plaza (Dallas)

Bank of America Plaza (Dallas)

The Bank of America Plaza (Dallas) is a 1985 completed, 72 floor, 281 m skyscraper in Dallas, USA. Standing at a structural height of 281 m, it is the tallest skyscraper in the city of Dallas, the third tallest in Texas and one of the tallest buildings in the USA.

It is known informally as “The Green Building” or “The Green Tower” or “Jolly Green Giant” due to the green argon lighting which outlines the building at night. The skyscraper was one of the first buildings in the United States to receive the Energy Star award for electrical efficiency. It was the only tower built out of an original four-tower plan, one of which was a twin to the original tower that would have been illuminated with purple neon. (Gah, why did they scrap that plan…)


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